All the products on our site are produced on demand. i.e. all items are either printed or manufactured the moment anyone places an order. This means that we sell 100% of our products and nothing ends up lying in a warehouse getting dusty before our customers receive it. While most orders are fulfilled within a few days, some items may take a little longer. If you have any concerns about a particular order, please get in touch below and we’ll do our best to chase down any delays you may be experiencing. 

While we are obliged to accept returns, we hope that each customer takes the time to choose their t-shirts or hoodies carefully to insure they pick exactly the items and colours that suit them. In the event that something slips through quality control and doesn’t meet your expectations, get in touch below and allow us to rectify the problem.

There is a difference between the cotton and tri-blend t-shirts and the most significant difference is probably the fabric thickness and feel. The Tri-blend tee are softer and will tend to shrink less if at all in the tumble dryer. The cotton shirts are a little warmer, hold their shape very well and will shrink a tiny bit when tumble dried. Not much though as the fabric are pre shrunk before making them. 

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